Things to do, in and around St. Helena Bay

Shelly Point Lighthouse

The Shelly Point/Stompneusbaai Lighthouse is a favourite spot for visitors from all over the world. It is a truly beautiful setting with pristine beaches. This lighthouse is in Shelley Point Estate and is easily accessed.

Stompneusbaai, named after the type of fish abundant in these waters is a little bay between Shelley Point and St Helena Bay.

There are a lot of fish processing factories in the area and the crayfish industry began here in 1915. Not only is this a fantastic fishing spot but there is also an abundance of wildlife to see, a great place to bird watch as well as a variety of other activities such as surfing, kayaking, hiking and sailing.

The views from Stompneusbaai are outstanding and from the bay you are able to watch the sunrise and sunset over these magnificent waters. The beaches are enjoyable and shell collecting here is a favourite amongst the locals and holidaymakers.

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